Professional photography with Optimal ROI

Commissioning architectural photography is an investment. My commitment as a professional photographer is to deliver the best returns possible

Architectural photography image of the Hotel de L'Europe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, taken from across the Amstel river

Fine art, project record, wall art, annual report,..?

Architectural interiors

Whether your building is a palace or an apartment, it’s your requirements that guide the creation of the final  architectural interior images. Take a look at my Qasr Al Watan (Palace of the Nation) gallery here. Visit the Qasr Al Watan (Abu Dhabi) website here.

Image of Qasr Al Watan - View across the Great Hall
Architectural photography image displayed at the Collective Visions 2 exhibition- Minaret and Domes - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates - Collective Visions exhibition

Design detail

Regardless of the size of a building, there is architectural detail that highlights the architect’s creativity. To see more images of Islamic architecture at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque please click here.

Exterior images

Isolated or photographed in a wider urban setting, architectural exterior images are created based on your requirements, not mine. Take a look at my Cityscape gallery here.

Architectural photography - Image of the Catalyst building at Newcastle Helix

For best return on investment>

"How we perceive architecture depends to a significant extent on its interpretation by the photographer" *

*HAUSBERG, A., SIMONS, A., GÖßMANN, C. & MEUSER, F. 2012. Architectural Photography, Berlin, Dom Publishers. 

What is architectural photography?

In its simplest form, architectural photography may be considered to be the taking of any photograph of a building, but in reality there is much more to it than that.

Photographing architecture, (and doing it well…), is described as one of the most demanding disciplines in photography, in terms of skills and equipment required, and is an art that represents 3D architecture in 2 dimensions1. The transition between documentary and artistic architectural photography is difficult to pinpoint2, which is one reason why it is essential for the architectural photographer to be fully aware of client needs.

The value of photography to architects should not be under-estimated. Trans World Airlines (TWA) bought the Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center project (c1956) based on a slide show of Balthazar Korab’s photographs of the project model, without actually seeing the model . Korab’s photographs of the model also effectively signaled the end of his career as a practicing architect, and launched his career as a photographer3.

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Optimize your ROI

It’s clear from the above that successful architectural photography requires skill and equipment. Also evident is the fact that the line between record images and fine art is somewhat fuzzy. This single aspect demands that the photographer fully understands the client’s needs in regard to the proposed use of the final images.

There is much more to architectural photography than a photographer simply taking images that they think look nice. Is the purpose of the commission to showcase the architect’s design intent, or perhaps showcase the design detail? Is it to create a fine art image of a standout project to be used as wall art? Would an abstract architectural image add value to your project portfolio?

In addition to holding an MA in Photography and being an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), I am also a Chartered Manager (CMgr) and Chartered Engineer (CEng). These hard earned, independently assessed, professional awards confirm that I fully understand the importance of satisfying client needs, and also confirm my commitment to professional codes of practice and ethics; that’s why my approach to any commission is to ensure I deliver optimized return on investment. To do this, I deliver standout images that hit your brief!

Based in the Newcastle – Gateshead area, I am always happy and willing to travel, particularly when architectural photography is on the menu!

To find out how to get the very best return for your imaging investment, please contact us here…

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