Fruits of their labours

Fruits of their labours is a virtual exhibition of photographs which document aspects of the UAE date industry. To view images outside of the exhibition, please visit my “Fruits of their labours” gallery.

The date industry

I visited date farms across the UAE for this project, and found a stark contrast between the living and working conditions of date farm workers, and the more affluent face of a nation that enjoys the fruits of their labours. The images in this exhibition highlight that contrast.

To find out more about dates and the date industry, take a look at the Al Foah website.

Image - Dates - Fruits of their labours project

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  1. I’m impressed, very professional work! the best part is that I can totally feel how much you are enjoying doing this. I believe your enthusiasm can inspire others to find their own passion. Best wishes.

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments Rimas. I appreciate you taking time out to view my project and provide feedback.

  2. Very nice Alan. Great to see such work from you. That is always good to show different things of the Emirates than prestigious buildins. Best regards.

    1. Many thanks for visiting the exhibition René, and for your comments.

  3. Wonderful piece of work looks very real. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for visiting the exhibition Shalini

  4. Amazing work! Great to see you highlighting the valuable work of the farm workers and the conditions they live in… Inspirational indeed.

    1. Many thanks for your comments Nigel, too kind.

  5. Many thanks Paul, much appreciated!

  6. Some really fine work there Mr Mullin, it’s good to see you’re keeping your hand in.

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