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Commission unique, exclusively licensed images – Architectural – Interiors – Exteriors – City views – Cityscapes – Urban landscapes – as fine art photographic prints, to promote your business

City views - Image showing Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach skyline, as seen from Palm Jumeirah

Fine art, collectible prints and images


Whatever the size of your wall, a framed print of your favourite location will make a statement, both for and about you. 

Fine art landscape: Wall art - The Kelpies - Scotland - Sculptor: Andy Scott
Fine art architectural photography - Cityscape - Roofscape - Newcastle upon Tyne - UK


The built environment offers seemingly limitless possibilites to capture a unique image. Showcase your own location, or that of an architectural project. Complete buildings, architectural interiors and exteriors or, as in the case of this image, rooftops, make ideal gifts and promotional material…


Why not print and hang a favourite travel photograph? Or perhaps a fine art print of a piece of history such as this image of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

Representation of a framed fine art print of the SS Great Britain

For best return on investment...

Why create fine art photographic prints?

You have invested in creating unique images. Yes, you can use those images in a photobook, place them in your business marketing material, or simply store them on your hard drive or server.


Photobooks make great collectibles and vehicles for the presentation of photographs. But we do need to be aware of what happens to most books; they are read, closed and placed on a book shelf. Some books, such as David Yarrow’s oversized publication, my review of which can be found here, make for excellent coffee table material. Again though, most coffee table books are presented closed, leaving the book cover to do the marketing and present the invitation to enter. In short, photographic prints within photobooks are mostly hidden from view! Also, making a photobook is expensive, and is more than likely to represent a loss instead of a profit to your business1.

Marketing material

Images can certainly stir emotion when used within well-designed marketing material. And they can most definitely help to win projects or make a sale. But what happens after the marketing campaign is over? If you’re lucky a client might keep your material on a shelf somewhere in their office. But how likely are they to review it again later? Collectible fine-art is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you mention marketing material. You have created prints but, like photobooks, they are mostly hidden.

Fine-art photographic prints / Wall art

Where your images really come to life though, is on your wall. The images become focal points in your home or office; topics of discussions, and yes, even items of envy. Architectural and cityscape images particularly lend themselves to the creation of outstanding photographic prints and collectibles.

The appreciation of your images by others presents hidden opportunities to maximize your return on investment.

Display your fine art prints, and allow them to silently promote your business. Let them talk for you when prospective clients visit your offices, and, perhaps more importantly, as you relax.

Or simply adorn your home with the finest collection of photographic art you can assemble.

Whatever your imaging needs, wall art created with fine-art photographic prints presents a golden opportunity to satisfy them.

Print quality

Here at Alan Millin Photography, we are fully committed to delivering the best return on investment for our clients. We therefore use only the finest printers to create your fine art prints.

Whitewall provides a world-class, multi-award winning service, whatever the type of print, frame, or mount your are looking for. And why are we so sure Whitewall delivers to the standard we need? The answer is simple; we use Whitewall for our own fine art prints too, so we are 100% sure of the quality. 

  1. COLBERG, J. 2017. Understanding Photobooks: The Form and Content of the Photographic Book, Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge. [View details on Amazon

For a detailed overview of architectural photography, please start at our Architectural Photography – An introduction page.

For best return on investment...

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