Alan Millin – Welcome to the home of professional architectural photography
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Minaret and domes

Alan Millin – Welcome to the home of professional architectural photography

Architectural photography - Newcastle - Gateshead

Hello, and many thanks for dropping by…

I’m an architectural photographer based in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. While Newcastle – Gateshead is my local area, I am happy to travel, having spent much of the last 35 years overseas.

I’m always on the lookout for the best angles to produce images that show off buildings. Take the image above of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as an example. With over 6 million visitors a year,  the majority of whom will take photographs, it can be difficult to find new angles to shoot to create unique architectural photography. The above image, Minaret and Domes, is the result of much walking around the mosque to identify, in conjunction with the use of the much-loved Photographer’s Ephemeris app, an opportunity to create a unique image of the architectural detail of the building. (The image was included in the Collective Visions 2 exhibition in Dubai, 2018, organized by the local RPS chapter).

For more images of the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, please take a look at my gallery.

Similarly, this image of the St. Nicholas building, in Newcastle upon Tyne, was taken from a high view point to introduce a sense of scale that is difficult to create in a ground level shot of the same building.

You will find more images of Newcastle here.

Architectural photography image of St. Nicholas building - Newcastle upon Tyne - UK - taken from a high vantage point

Maximize your Return on Investment

Commissioning photography is an investment, whatever the final intended use of the images. While it’s common knowledge that the value of investments can go up or down, photography that supports, or even drives your business, is a worthwhile investment vehicle. By commissioning unique, or limited edition images, the investment is well positioned to stand the test of time, as with other forms of art. Some investments have a short-term focus, and photography supports this. Architectural photography is ideal for annual reports, marketing materials, business acquisition etc. 

My business is focused on delivering positive returns to clients, through images that hit the agreed brief. After all, if the client doesn’t win, no-one does.

To find out how you can maximize your return on investment in professional imaging of the built environment, please start at “Professional architectural photography – 1st for optimal ROI“.

On photography

My website offers plenty for those interested in becoming architectural photographers, or for those wishing to improve their business performance. This site offers a developing knowledge base as an integral part of my blog that will support photographers of all levels, but will also be useful to clients.

In addition to image galleries, you will find book reviews, and articles designed to help and inform. If you are wondering how to use architectural images, take a look at “What is architectural photography used for?”. If on the other hand you are a photographer wondering what you should be charging for your services, check out my 2 part article on the topic, which is supported by a spreadsheet to make life simple.

For more on architectural photography, my “Architectural photography – An Introduction” article is a great place to start.

I have also started a section on continuing professional development (CPD) for photographers. I will add to this section as and when I can add to the CPD cause. One article looks at the recent trend of incorporating mindfulness into photography. Whether creating images for personal satisfaction, or commercial purposes, mindfulness can be a valuable tool in the photographer’s tool box. You will find the article here.

There are many types of image that fall under the architectural photography umbrella, including cityscapes, urban vistas, streetscapes, roofscapes, real estate, exteriors, and interiors, to name a few. You will find examples throughout this site. If you have any questions, or would like find out about purchasing prints or licensing images, please use the contact form provided.

Take a look around and enjoy the site, thanks again for visiting!

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